After Dark at Castillo Coralles

  • Daniele Milvio, Issue E / Josephine Pryde poster

  • Castillo Coralles

  • Siw Umsonst

  • Seyoung Yoon

  • Monitor: Seyoung Yoon


With works by After Dark contributors Daniele Milvio, Seyoung Yoon and Siw Umsonst.

It must have been in late 2012 – while conceiving the first Issue E of PROVENCE – when castillo/corrales co-founder François P. described the PROVENCE enterprise as a fiction having become real during the course of its existence. The presentation of Issue E (2015) – the last letter in the PROVENCE magazine series –, is the occasion of a brief look back, as the discrepancy between form and content has always played a key role in the magazine: Issue P, R, O had the appearance of full size lifestyle magazines with glossy cover, disappearing in the masses of their likes. Issue V was an auction catalog, addressing the financial backing of magazine making and some kind of thaumaturgy – who found the driftwood? Issue E, the most devilish appropriation, taking its point of departure in Air France’s inflight magazine MADAME and of course Issue N – a delicate portfolio of 5 sets of unique porcelain NOIRE. Which brings us to the not yet published Issue C and, as mentioned, the last letter in the series: Issue E (2015).

The PROVENCE Summer Reader: After Dark – the second book co-published by Paraguay Press and PROVENCE – is a reader for all seasons. A reverse roman de gare for all flights maintaining the light tone of The PROVENCE City Guide: Nice, After Dark combines new and historical texts by artists, writers and cultural agents that ballades amongst the themes of seduction, glamour, politics, and self branding.

This book launch will be hosted on Circuit III, a carpet by Chloé Quenum.


80 rue Julien Lacroix
75020 Paris