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  • The PROVENCE Summer Reader: After Dark
    photo Josephine Pryde

  • Dee Don't & Past Prime at Suedblock, Berlin

    Photo: Martin Ebner

PROVENCE ISSUE E (2015) and it’s supplement The PROVENCE Summer Reader: After Dark

After Dark takes it starting point—its body—from the kind of supplementary pocket books that are attached to the summer issues of various empire lifestyle magazines. As the title suggests, this book is a reader that gathers different—not to say heterogenous—material, by authors from diverse—XXX— backgrounds, taking over a format known for its slippery, shallow, and entertaining content.(…)

After Dark and it's "glow in the dark cover and back" includes texts by:

Sylvie Fleury, Helmut Berger, Georgia Sagri, Lina Grumm, Seyoung Yoon, Marina Pinsky, Pascal Janovjak, Karl Holmqvist, Carter Mull & Shelby Sells, Bonny Poon, Martial & Daniele Milvo, Lodovico Pignatti Morano, Gerry Bibby, Andrea Legiehn, Holde Heuer Henning Lundkvist and The Las Vegas Courtesan
Illustrations Siw Umsonst

Jan 16th joint release with STARSHIP at Suedblock Berlin
Jan 31st release at Paraguay Press epicentre Castillo/Coralles